About Us

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Have you ever thought of a situation when you need to make a short sale of your home, but have nobody to guide you? Or a situation in which you really need a customized service for your special real estate needs – guide you through the entire process holding your hands, communicate with you as often as you need through the entire transaction and return your calls promptly.  If you relate to any of the above, then perhaps you have come to the right place.


When there is a huge cost involved with an item like your property, you will expect to have services from one of the best solution providers in the industry. With years of experience in the domain, not only will your property find the correct taker, but you will be given absolute personal attention and all the real estate solutions will be specialized and need based.I shall work in close proximity to your objective, discuss well, and then arrive to a specific marketing plan that will be uniquely tailor made for you. Nowhere else would you get this unique propositions where the entire sale will be made according to the specific situation you lie in.

I have an extensive network of investors and buyers, to whom I can rapidly advertise your property about. I make sure that making money is never a constraint for me. I work out of the way to satisfy my clients fully – even if at times it means lesser gains to me.


What You Need to Know and Do

While other players would never offer you a customized support, I am here to offer you the best support, working closely with you, understanding your need, and then creating the real estate solution for it. I have repeating clients and I have had testimonials vouching for one of the best and timely customer care in the real estate industry.

Do not waste time, reach out to your personal specialist – Email us at info@HouseForShortSale.com , or if you are in tearing hurry, our phone number is readily available – Ring at 800-692-1688.